Becoming a (Better) Writer

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It’s all about the choice, right? The decision to say what I am. What I want to be. I keep reading these blogs – wonderful, inspiring posts – that tell me to simply make the declaration that I am a writer. Presto. Done. And yet, I can’t quite bring myself to do it. It feels too contrived at this stage. I want it. I really do. When I imagine the future that I want, it is writing. It is creating stories and getting them out there. Of that I have no doubt. It’s the doing part that’s tricky.

I have to write. I have to make the time (notice I didn’t say “find”…it’s always there). I have to write. And then write some more. And then write even more. I need to write when I want to, and write when I don’t. Especially then. I love this ten step plan. Let’s get this started.