Comments Off on One

Start small. Isn’t that always the advice? It’s the first day of the new year, and I am making my first new post since before last summer. Seems appropriate, but let’s get one thing straight, ok? This is not a resolution. Not in any way. Why? Because I suck at them. I have never followed through on a single resolution in my entire life. And I want to stick to this, so it’s not a resolution. Think of it as a lifestyle reboot.

I left this one too late. Almost midnight, but I wanted to get it in on Day 1. There will be more. Lots. Plenty. And I hope you read, enjoy, and return while I continue finding my voice here. I’ve read a lot about how and where to find ideas for blogs, but it strikes me that it’s the exact opposite problem. There are too many things I could write about, too many things I want to write about, too many things that need to be written, and the problem won’t be finding ideas, but wading through the torrent and selecting the best ones. All the while trying not to be washed away by the surge.

This is going to be exciting.