I Can`t Write My Exam Without My Shoes

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shoesThe high school students are right in the thick of midterm exams. It`s a stressful time for everyone – students are cramming and obsessing over every little thing, and teachers have a mountain of paper to grade in a short period of time. Everyone is on edge.

Within that atmosphere, if you are lucky, the universe throws you a good chuckle. Yesterday, sitting with my IB Language and Literature colleagues, one of them received an email from a student absent from the exam that was at that very moment taking place.

The email contained the standard apology and plea for understanding that you would expect. But it was his actual reason that had us all laughing.

And I quote…I made it to school on time this morning, Miss, but then I realized that I did not have my shoes, and I had to go home.

The perfect excuse if ever I heard one. At least he was original.