Write Better

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There are no shortcuts. And that’s a good thing. Want to be a better writer?


That’s it. Well, that’s not entirely true. There are several other steps, including (but not limited to) write more, write when you have nothing to say, and keep writing.

Notice a theme? That’s the only difference between writers and non-writers: they keep writing. There is no secret society that you must pledge to and be accepted by, there is no initiation ritual, you don’t have to be published, you don’t have to be making money from your efforts, and you don’t ever have to let anyone see your tiny word babies…

Just write. Do that, and you are a writer. Keep doing that, and the stories within you are let loose. The characters inside are given a voice to shout “I am here!” Worlds will rise. Worlds will crumble.

Talk about power.

Write at home, at the park, in a coffee shop. Write at a desk, on the couch, or sitting on the floor. Write in silence, listening to nature, or swaying to Born to be Alive by Patrick Hernandez (if you’re not familiar with it, take a listen now, and thank me later). It just doesn’t matter.

To be a writer, you just have to write. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. No one – absolutely no one – has the power to take your writer-hood away from you. And likewise, no one else can give it you. It’s 100% on your shoulders.

Want to be a writer? Write. Want to be a better writer? Write some more. Simple, but oh-so-rewarding.

“Words! Mere words! How terrible they were! How clear, and vivid, and cruel! One could not escape from them. And yet what a subtle magic there was in them! They seemed to be able to give a plastic form to formless things, and to have a music of their own as sweet as that of viol or of lute. Mere words! Was there anything so real as words?” ~Oscar Wilde