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Write Better

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There are no shortcuts. And that’s a good thing. Want to be a better writer? Write. That’s it. Well, that’s not entirely true. There are several other steps, including (but not limited to) write more, write when you have nothing to say, and keep writing. Notice a theme? That’s the only difference between writers and non-writers: they keep writing. There… Read more »

Short Story: An Exercise

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His name was Charles. Charlie to his friends, of which he had exactly none. But he had his books. And books, as far as he was concerned, were many times better than the very best of friends. It was not so much that Charles was disagreeable. He was likable enough. He occasionally had some interesting things to say, and he… Read more »

My Teen Poetry as a Metaphor

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So I recently found myself going through some old boxes. When I first moved overseas in 2000, everything I owned was boxed up and has lived in my mother’s basement ever since. I thought it time to revisit. To see what’s what, and hopefully get rid of the dead weight. Seeing as I hadn’t so much as looked at this… Read more »